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On smooster, my path to web & software development & what I can do for you.
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I am the CEO and founder of smooster. When I started developing smooster CMS in 2010 I got a lot of inspiration and motivation from my background of more than 10 years in web development and consulting. 

My passion is to build beautiful and lean web based software products using state of the art web-technologies. 

That’s why I decided to say goodbye to PHP and switch to Ruby as my main development language in 2010.

What I can do for you

I can help you create meaningful, easy-to-use, unique websites. I can also assist you with the development of web based apps or products, especially if it involves one of the following:  Ruby on Rails, test-driven-development, cloud services, Amazon AWS, NoSQL or JavaScript.

My path to web & software development

I started developing software as a kid (like my first own text-based C64 adventure game that I built in middle school). Later I worked as a consultant & developer and studied business administration. I gave weekend courses as an IT trainer while I was still a trainee at my first job and later continued doing so after I entered university. 

I first got interested in web development with Perl and later switched to PHP in 2001 and eventually to Ruby in 2010.

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