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My thoughts on Ruby on Rails, Japan, life and not obeying rules (too much)_
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Here you can find some of my recent thoughts. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you'll find my writings interesting or even better, helpful. I would love to hear your opinion on the topics that I blog about . You can find me on Twitter and Linkedin.

Faster CSS through Refactoring

2014.08.22 written by

Large CSS files can drastically increase page loading times. In order to prevent this and to keep the CSS file small and maintainable in the future, it is possible to refactor the CSS and thereby, among other things, increase page speed.

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Why I chose Ruby over PHP

2013.10.10 written by

In the in the very early stages of smooster’s development process, I evaluated a lot of frameworks like Zend or Symfony — both based on PHP, as well as Java, Python and Ruby frameworks.

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